[Foundation-l] WMF/EFF and Copyright extension

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Mon Feb 18 18:04:38 UTC 2008

I've put out a few feelers on getting people involved on this and made a
start on an article for Wikinews - where I won't be putting the questions
due to COI.




That's just a working title, I'd welcome input from all on this issue.


I've emailed Mike, Jay, and Florence on the issue - primarily with the goal
of having a board resolution condemning the measure to deliver to the EFF on
Friday (short notice, I know). I've Mike's comment on the issue (from
ComCom) which he's said I can pass on, I'm assuming I can pass on a list of
contact emails for this. Same three suspects as already mentioned, but I do
want permission to pass those one.


I trust my fellow Wikinewsie Michael to do a good job on interviewing and
likely get us a few photos. If we can find out who all is attending we may
get some bonus photos for Commons. In the interim, *please* stick questions
on that page. Don't worry about formatting, that'll get sorted. I'll be
taking notes to see what other press is there and if there are any packs
being handed out I'll collect and scan one to mail on here. For my part, I'm
there because I'm on ComCom and WMF should be talking to these guys.

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