[Foundation-l] EU wants to increase musicians' and singers' copyright to 95 years

Benjamin Smith benji.wiki at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 17:35:55 UTC 2008

Lars Aronsson a écrit :
> David Gerard wrote:
>> I mean in terms of what does and doesn't constitute political 
>> lobbying.
> The Swedish chapter, where I'm a board member, is a Swedish 
> membership organization and should have no formal problems with 
> doing political lobbying.  The bylaws state we cannot take sides 
> with political parties ("partipolitiskt obunden" = we promise to 
> remain independent of political parties), but we certainly can 
> express our views on issues that relate to our mission, the 
> promotion of free knowledge.
> However, since new Swedish copyright legislation is introduced by 
> directive from the European Commission, any successful lobbying 
> would have to take place in Brussels and not in Stockholm.  I know 
> the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is active in Brussels, 
> and cooperates with the Free Software Foundation-Europe (FSF-E). 
> Rather than sending our own lobbyists to Brussels, perhaps it 
> would be smarter to join their cause?  Would that be a problem?

We definitely should try to join with FSF / EFF / any other organisation 
with similar aims. We are, remember, still a small organisation. 
Wikipedia is well-known, but people won't even make a link with 
copyright on music. The only way to try to be heard in this matter is 
joining our efforts.

Anyone wanting to start the petition on meta ? ;-)


Benjamin Smith / fr:User:Benjism89

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