[Foundation-l] How Kul is that?

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 11:13:32 UTC 2008

> However, your email does, except for it's shape and wordings, suggest
> more that it is all about making a point to the community, that you
> want to start a discussion. If you want to do so, maybe it's more
> useful to just write it a little more general, and make the topic a
> little more clearer: you want that the WMF researches the
> possibilities of advertizements. In that way we could have a more open
> discussion about the topic :)

The topic has, however, been discussed to death. I don't see any
particularly new arguments in Simon's email (it basically boils down
to: Everyone else does it and we could make a hell of a lot of money
out of it), so I don't see a useful discussion taking place.

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