[Foundation-l] Oct 22 to January 3 Fundraising Report

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Tue Feb 5 02:07:31 UTC 2008

On Feb 4, 2008 8:26 PM, Brianna Laugher <brianna.laugher at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 01/02/2008, Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> > All -
> >
> > I've completed a report on our most recent fundraiser:
> >
> > http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Fundraising_2007/Report
> >
> > Thanks to everyone who contributed, directly or indirectly. If you
> > spot errors or misinterpretations, please do correct them or leave a
> > note on the talk page. I'll also try to answer any questions you may
> > have.
> Nice, thank you.
> I am surprised to see no special mention of the translation process? I
> suppose it comes under "Advance planning" and maybe the chapter
> discussion.
> Berto (I think?) also raised the point about whether landing pages not
> in English should be merely translated (and thus include a lot of
> probably irrelevant info about US tax deductability, etc) or more
> attention paid to appropriate localisation.

Yes, that has actually been brought up in many other venues as well
and I support such an idea.  I think the German and French pages
currently do that too: <http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donate/de>
and <http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Donate/fr>.

> The point was also made that matching donations came too late in the
> campaign to be as effective as they might have otherwise been. This
> might have been unavoidable because of the individual donor though.
> There is no mention in the report of matching donations?
> Kudos to the chapters for their participation too :)
> cheers,
> Brianna
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