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With the Foundation increasingly becoming more of a formal organization this
(which I consider to be true) bothers me tremendously. We need a venue for
transparent communication between the community and the Foundation where all
parties feel comfortable speaking.
>>>I couldn’t agree more. But could some consideration also be given to
introducing some utility into WMF’s communications as well? It is a real
problem, if the WMF is trying to be inclusive of new people, and (perhaps)
their communities, to get orientated across so many interrelated
conversations scattered on one list or across mail lists. The repetition of
similar conversations is constant. Should a person attend to a list, to get
some idea of opinions about the past subject matters, they are presented
with either a great noise which is quite daunting or a cabal (to use the
local term) of usual suspects talking in an esoteric jargon.
I do not want to criticize this tool (wiki) centric community. What the
Foundation and ‘its’ global communities have achieved with one tool is an
inspiring social phenomenon. But there comes a time when it must BE SEEN to
include either other tool makers into its strategy and conversations, or
other content producers who (usually) suffer from their own form of navel
gazing. (mea culpa). I do not exclude professional academia here. Their own
preferred tool, the Moodle, has conjured the same type of centricity.
Although where their communities concern themselves with virtual classrooms,
this domain only concerns itself about virtual libraries. And the
perspectives, by themselves, have hit a common wall.
To give one immediate example of this lack of self reflection; i’ll just
point to the broadcast, across the lists, for Wikimania2008. It goes into
great detail as to when without mentioning where. So much is taken for
granted when inclusiveness is not a cherished value in a community.
 Mike. Love what you write, and do. simon

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