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Hi all, cross-notice of Wikimania 2009 public meeting in case any of you 
that need to see it aren't subscribed to Wikimania-l

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Hello Wikimaniacs!

Please consider this public notice that we have modified the public
meeting in order to better accommodate the bidders as well as the jury.
   What this means is that we shall be having two public meetings rather
than one; twelve hours apart.

The first public meeting will take place at 03:00 (UTC), on Sunday,
February 3.  For people who are further west than UTC-3, this will be
Saturday evening.

Times for the first meeting are as follows:

Brisbane (UTC+10) 13:00
Kathmandu (UTC+5:45) 08:45
Karlsruhe (UTC+1) 04:00
Buenos Aires (UTC-2) 01:00
Toronto (UTC-5) 22:00 SATURDAY
Bogota (UTC-5) 22:00 SATURDAY
San Francisco (UTC-8) 19:00 SATURDAY (well before Torchwood)

The second public meeting will be at 15:00 (UTC), on Sunday, February 3.
   For people who are further east than UTC+9, this will be Monday morning

Brisbane (UTC+10) 01:00 MONDAY
Kathmandu (UTC+5:45) 20:45
Karlsruhe (UTC+1) 16:00
Buenos Aires (UTC-2) 13:00
Toronto (UTC-5) 10:00
Bogota (UTC-5) 10:00
San Francisco (UTC-8) 07:00

Bidding teams should decide on at least one (although they are free to
attend both); however, please advise one of the moderators which one(s)
you are going to be attending.


Cary Bass, for the Moderators

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