[Foundation-l] list traffic decline

Marco Chiesa chiesa.marco at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 09:06:49 UTC 2008

Samuel Klein ha scritto:
> wiki-
>  de: 20k/mo  (300k/mo from 2004  to early 2005)
>  fr:  15k/mo  (100k/mo in late 2005/early 2006)
>  ja:  60k/mo  (90k/mo in fall 2007)
>  pl: 125k/mo (200+k/mo in late 2004/2005)
>  it:  10k/mo  (40k/mo in late 2005/2006)
>  nl:   5k/mo  (12k/mo in early 2007)
>  sv: ?
>  pt: ?
Concerning the Italian language mailing list, one of the reasons of the 
decline is the formation of the national chapter; a large share of the 
posts to the list have moved to the chapter mailing list - most of the 
people active on wikiit-l are members anyway; I appealed once for having 
it.wikipedia relevant posts on wikiit-l, but it's often hard to draw a 
line for what concerns the wiki and what concerns the chapter - really 
wiki-specific things are on the village pump anyway. This won't 
necessary apply to other languages spoken in more than one country 
(Italian-speaking Swiss are less than 1% of the population of Italy), 
but even wikipedia-l posts have now moved to foundation-l (including 
many flames).
> wiki-research-l : 25k/mo (at peak)
> pywikipedia-l : 200k/mo (steady since founding in August 2007)
> mediawiki-l : 150k/mo (250k/mo, late 2005 to late 2007)
> mediawiki-cvs : 9MB/mo (at peak)
I don't know about the other lists, but most posts on pywikipedia-l are 
machine generated (new versions of the bot), so it is hard to judge its 


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