[Foundation-l] Board-announcement: Board Restructuring

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Mon Apr 28 19:20:40 UTC 2008

Jason Safoutin wrote:
> Domas Mituzas
> wrote:
>>> Out of curiosity: If the entire Board and staff were put up to a  
>>> public vote
>>> across /all/ projects (assuming good representation could be assured),
>>> I wonder how many of them would be with the WMF at the end of the day.    
>> Unfortunately, not all aspects of running an organization are a  
>> popularity contest.
> Fortunately for us, the board is a popularity contest. And whether the 
> board likes it or not, we elected you. 
Domas was not elected.  He and Michael were appointed to fill temporary 
vacancies, and it was stated then that they would need to stand for 
election in July 2008.  This does not personally reflect on either of 
them as Board members; that much would have been clarified when that 
election takes place.
> And those who were appointed have 
> the same obligation as those elected and can face the same criticism as 
> such. If we, the communities see you guys are not doing your job in the 
> best interest of Wikimedia, then we have the right to say we think you 
> guys should resign.
That's certainly the essence of free speech, but let's not be too quick 
to assume that this is the solution that the entire community seeks.

> From what I see, the only board member doing anything around here, or 
> making the slightest attempt to communicate with the communities as much 
> as possible, is Florence. And what a surprise, her seat is up for grabs.
While it is easy to imagine her standing on a hill, arms raised holding 
the entire outhouse above her head, one still needs to credit Domas and 
Michael Snow for sticking their toes into the hole that was left when 
the outhouse was raised.
> Like it or not board, you work for us. Not for yourselves. I think this 
> is a wake up call and I think now the communities are sick of it, and 
> not going totake it anymore.
In the vernacular. "Them's fightin' words."  Robert Mugabe was quite 
effective in ending white rule in Rhodesia, but beyond the revolution 
one often needs to look for different skills.
> Sorry if this sound rude or confrontational, but it seems that this is 
> the only way to get anyone's attention, who is on the board these days 
> as they seem to only pay attention to whats said on here and on meta. So 
> that being the case, it gets increasingly frustrating to have to be 
> civil and not get anything in return. So please see where I am coming 
> from, and the others who feel the same way.
> http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Meta:Community_petition
I don't plan to sign the petition, though I can't ignore the fact that 
it sends a strong message.  I still prefer to be putting positive 
efforts into some variant of Wikicouncil.  Without some kind of focussed 
positive alternative it is difficult to imagine what the community can 
possibly accomplish.


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