[Foundation-l] Board-announcement: Board Restructuring

Geoffrey Plourde geo.plrd at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 28 16:27:42 UTC 2008

Unfortunately, they no longer are subject to the will of the community. So technically they no longer work for us. 

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Domas Mituzas

>> Out of curiosity: If the entire Board and staff were put up to a  
>> public vote
>> across /all/ projects (assuming good representation could be assured),
>> I wonder how many of them would be with the WMF at the end of the day.
> Unfortunately, not all aspects of running an organization are a  
> popularity contest.
Fortunately for us, the board is a popularity contest. And whether the 
board likes it or not, we elected you. And those who were appointed have 
the same obligation as those elected and can face the same criticism as 
such. If we, the communities see you guys are not doing your job in the 
best interest of Wikimedia, then we have the right to say we think you 
guys should resign.

You are the board of trustees. And as I see it, the board has done 
nothing but abuse the word 'trustee'. They have made, as a whole, no 
attempt to get any community input on anything from this, to Kaltura. 
The constantly leave the communities out of the loop and make decisions 
with total disregard as to what we might think.

From what I see, the only board member doing anything around here, or 
making the slightest attempt to communicate with the communities as much 
as possible, is Florence. And what a surprise, her seat is up for grabs.

Like it or not board, you work for us. Not for yourselves. I think this 
is a wake up call and I think now the communities are sick of it, and 
not going totake it anymore.

Sorry if this sound rude or confrontational, but it seems that this is 
the only way to get anyone's attention, who is on the board these days 
as they seem to only pay attention to whats said on here and on meta. So 
that being the case, it gets increasingly frustrating to have to be 
civil and not get anything in return. So please see where I am coming 
from, and the others who feel the same way.


Jason Safoutin (DragonFire1024)

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