[Foundation-l] Board restructuring and community

Angela beesley at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 22:28:53 UTC 2008

On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 2:58 AM, Samuel Klein <meta.sj at gmail.com> wrote:
>   [4] is there a public place to contact our advisors?

Anyone who wants to contact the advisory board is welcome to go
through me for that. I can either forward messages to the whole group,
or pass on contact details for specific members who might be able to
help. http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Advisory_Board

> if not, can someone forward this to them?

I have forwarded your email to the advisory board members. However, I
should point out that they were not asked about this either and know
less about it that readers of this mailing list. All I get from the
board of trustees is announcements after they've made their decisions
behind closed doors, not any requests for advice.


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