[Foundation-l] (Flashback) A short (and revised) FAQ about Wikimania in Alexandria

Mark Williamson node.ue at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 02:52:03 UTC 2008

>  I guess I'm both callous and inconsistent. Next thing you know I'll be
>  downright evil. (That's where you going, isn't it? Just admit it.)

I've been called far worse. Get over it. Be a turtle and let it roll
off your shell. It is not personal, most people on this list have
never known you. If somebody isn't nice and sweet and super polite,
whatever unkind words they have are a judgement of your actions rather
than your person. You can lament all you like about the state of
things on this list (gee, I sure hope "lament" wasn't too judgemental
of a term for you!), but whining over and over (perhaps not endlessly,
Mr. Semantics) will not change things.


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