[Foundation-l] (Flashback) A short (and revised) FAQ about Wikimania in Alexandria

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun Apr 20 23:57:03 UTC 2008

David Gerard wrote:
> On 20/04/2008, Mike Godwin wrote:
>> Thanks for the attempt at constructive criticism.  I disagree with it,
>>  however -- I think "this great progress report" (thanks!) couldn't
>>  have been "coughed up" without first learning the extent to which some
>>  of the interrogators here were misunderstanding the FAQ. And that
>>  probably means that 10 messages (although maybe not these particular
>>  10) were necessary regardless.
> As you may have noticed, you're dealing with querulous geeks who don't
> know how not to split hairs down to the Planck limit. "Assume good
> faith" applies here, in its transformation as "never assume malice
> when crippling social ineptitude will suffice."
I was perfectly satisfied with the report that Mike "coughed up," but 
then I wasn't particularly worried about security in the first place.  
The querulous don't just need to split hairs, they also want to dissect 
coughed-up hair balls to get at them. :-)

Some of them might be happy if the US Dept. of Homeland Security were 
involved.  Then we could remind them that Alexandria is on the seacoast 
and Homeland Security has a proven lack of ability to deal with floods.


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