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Brion Vibber brion at wikimedia.org
Wed Apr 16 23:30:46 UTC 2008

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Florence Devouard wrote:
> Luiz Augusto wrote:
>> Thankyou so much for this! Please keep the moderation enabled forever :-)
> I do not share your enthousiasm.
> First because I never thought collective punishment was a cool thing to do.

Moderation isn't a punishment; it's a tool for slowing down an
overactive discussion so that posts can be made thoughtfully by many
parties, instead of being dominated by quick back-and-forth between a
few parties who happen to be online at the same time.

> Second because the list moderators (who are not Brion) may not be so 
> happy at the idea of moderating 30 emails per day.

Actually, I am one of the list mods. I wouldn't force someone else to do
that for me!

> I would be much happier with generously and frequently putting in 
> moderation carefully selected editors (anyone who might be considered 
> trolling a bit too much at some point, it might be many of us).

More generally useful would be a speed bump for particular _threads_.
Moderating individual posters singles them out and both looks and feels
like "punishment".

Further discussion would be more helpful if directed to actual
implementation of automated speedbump-style moderation; if you have
experience with this sort of configuration or patches for GNU Mailman,
please contact me offlist or direct it to wikitech-l.

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