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Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Mon Apr 14 15:10:41 UTC 2008

I hope the reason I've not yet got a response is they keep sending me an
email that is too big for my mailbox. ;-)

I sent a lengthy appeal this morning highlighting not just Wikipedia, but
Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wiktionary and Wikiversity. I am aware there isn't a
Latin Wikiversity, but emphasised that the option exists for them to
contribute to material in other languages on that project with the aim of
helping people learn the language. Wikinews, my home project, was the one
where I simply couldn't come up with a pitch to persuade the Vatican to get
involved. Of course, I could have asked for an interview with the Pope...

I see a scope for the Vatican to capitalise on the existence of projects in
Latin to further their own ends, and a potential for them to contribute to
the non-denominational greater good that is a Foundation goal. Let's all
keep our fingers crossed that my email lands in the right inbox. While I
have no response on this, I will endeavour to remain optimistic.

I am also informed the Vatican is working with "Intratext", which might mean
more to some here than it does to me.

Brian McNeil

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Brian McNeil hett schreven:
>> And if you want to ask the Vatican about uploading their texts: Benedict 
>> has the e-mail-adress <benedictxvi at vatican.va>
>> I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;-) Good luck!
> I don't know whether you meant that seriously or not, but I'll give it a
> All it costs is the time for me to write the email.
Well, yes and no. I was serious, when I said: "try it!" I have the same 
viewpoint as you: there's nothing to loose, the worst thing which can 
happen is them saying "No". But of course I'm fully aware, that the 
chance is minimal, that they'll really say "Hey, great idea! Here's 500 
Terabyte of our digitized archives, make the best out of it!" But 
there's nothing wrong with reaching even for minimal chances. I 
seriously keep my fingers crossed. Absolutely

Marcus Buck

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