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Crazy Lover always_yours.forever at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 14 02:29:20 UTC 2008

some academic definition:
  extint language: that don't have native speaker
  dead language: that has stopped its evolution: the syntax, the grammar, etc don't change.
  When people ask vatican, why use latin instead modern language like english and even italian? they answer them, "because latin is a dead language!, and it don't change, don't evolves! the meanings are fixed! and dead language is ideal to write about religious doctrine for its stationary situation!" 
  and that isn't affected due to existence of a "dictionary of modern words", the original classics words are untoucheable, for this reason they create neologism. the classics words aren't disturbed.
  acording to the definition of above latin is a extint and a dead language. even if vatican create new words. because its structure remains intact. the same applies to the ancient greek. the neologism don't affect its nature, the structure and the meaning of classic words remains.
  but i personally find no totally appropiated the word "dead" for those two languages that are still in use. then accadian or hittite should call "buried" language? for more precision? but is my opinion. the definition of above was made for others, not by me.

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