[Foundation-l] Now accepting projects!

Chad innocentkiller at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 22:56:59 UTC 2008

The following was just posted to the Veropedia.com blog,
and I am copying it to Foundation-l as much related
discussion regarding pending projects has been occurring
here. Additionally, many of those seeking a project in the
WMF will find this interesting. Thanks.

>> A Veropedia for a Wikipedia
>> Wikipedia is designed to be an encyclopedia available in
>> various languages. However, it is up to the Language
>> Committee (LangCom) to decide the appropriateness
>> of a language prior to its inclusion in the set.
>> Recently, it has become more difficult for a language to
>> get approved, and people wishing to write in languages
>> such as Ancient Greek, Erzya, Extremaduran and Gan
>> cannot do so.
>> As a sign of good faith and cooperation, Veropedia
>> would be happy to host wikis (*pedias or other projects)
>> for any languages that have not yet been accepted by the
>> Language Committee or are otherwise "on hold." Should
>> they get accepted and a wiki is created for them, we will
>> be happy to assist them in moving over any content that
>> they have developed on the Veropedia site to the
>> Wikimedia-based project.
>> We realize that this does not compensate for a fully
>> integrated Wikimedia project, but hope that it will enable
>> users to create content while their projects are being
>> approved. If you have any questions or wish to request a
>> wiki to be set up, please contact Chad or Danny at
>> <veropedia.info at gmail.com>. Thanks.

(Link: http://blog.veropedia.com/a-veropedia-for-a-wikipedia/)



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