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Marcus Buck me at marcusbuck.org
Sun Apr 13 22:51:01 UTC 2008

Brian McNeil hett schreven:
> I am most delighted to hear you are sympathetic to Latin, that has to date
> not been my understanding of what you have written. Personally, I would put
> the availability of a body of work in Latin well above Esperanto. So many
> legal systems employ it, and there is the Roman Catholic Church's use of it.
> I think perhaps where we're losing the plot here is the focus on Wikipedia
> projects. What about a Wikisource in Latin? The vast corpus of classical
> works in the language could be incorporated and made widely available. With
> a little work, the Holy See could be convinced to upload their texts which
> are a "more modern" version of the language, and during that process
> interface text could be translated.
Well, her it is: <http://la.wikisource.org/>.

And if you want to ask the Vatican about uploading their texts: Benedict 
has the e-mail-adress <benedictxvi at vatican.va>
I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;-) Good luck!

Marcus Buck

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