[Foundation-l] Ancient Greek Wikipedia

Ilario Valdelli valdelli at gmail.com
Sun Apr 13 10:06:34 UTC 2008

No problem about your comment, it's completely true. The information in 
Old Greek is valid than an information in English.

My question is different, the question doesn't investigate the validity 
of Old Greek for the communication.

The problem is: why a person must write this information in Old Greek 
instead of in his own language? No one has got Old Greek like mother tongue.

Probably that happens because it's a linguistic essay or because you 
like to communicate in Old Greek as your language is not an "easy" language.

Closing: my position is not a political position but its' a *rational* 
and *logical* vision.


Milos Rancic wrote:
> Actually, any ancient language is a valid communication tool between
> people who know that language. By accident, I am learning now Ancient
> Greek and an information which I may get by reading an article about
> Proxima Centaur would be valid to me as I read it in Serbian or
> English or whichever language.
> So, please, don't try to use wrong linguistic or semiotic arguments in
> trying to rationalize your political positions. (It is not only
> related to you personally.) There is no reasonable *scientific* reason
> why to forbid Wikipedia in some *used* language to exist. The only way
> in which you may to ask for the sense of working on such languages is
> related to our capacities and (not yet defined) priorities; which I
> described in a separate thread.

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