[Foundation-l] [Wikitech-l] Primary account for single user login

Henning Schlottmann h.schlottmann at gmx.net
Wed Apr 9 12:26:44 UTC 2008

Tim Starling wrote:
> Henning Schlottmann wrote:
>> The first example is unavoidable, the second could be assumed to be 
>> malicious and the user blocked. But how will you deal with a primary 
>> user of the zh-WP, with a user name in Chinese characters, who starts to 
>> edit on en-WP? Other users there will only see question marks or those 
>> annoying little squares in the history.
> I think the most sensible solution is to have a configurable 
> latin-alphabet alias for each user. Allowing it to be configurable means 
> that users whose names have ambiguous pronunciation can choose a 
> transliteration approximating the correct pronunciation, and users who 
> have a customary ASCII nickname for use on less enlightened websites can 
> use that.

ACK - a nummerical identifer would work too, but I agree that is has 
negative connotations in some cultures.

> The alias would be globally unique. It could be displayed in brackets 
> after the user's name in their own script, optionally depending on the 
> preferences of the local wiki and the user. So the Chinese wiki wouldn't 
> display aliases for Chinese users, and Mark Williamson could switch off 
> the whole feature and learn everyone's name in their own script.

Would it be possible to add the option to change this alias with the 
signature in the preferences?

Ciao Henning

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