[Foundation-l] Creative Commons CC-BY-SA Draft Statement of Intent

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 00:57:41 UTC 2008

On 07/04/2008, Pharos <pharosofalexandria at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I talked with a young journalist at one of our events in  New York
>  this Friday, and this was very much a reason she appreciated
>  Wikimedia, because the wonder of free content helps her everyday in
>  her job.
>  Imagine the potential attitude of a journalist like that, used to
>  interacting with free content on a regular basis, when she has a
>  mature journalism career, and maybe a position of editorial authority
>  in a few years.
>  Now imagine us telling her free content is over for her, that
>  Wikimedia is no longer interested in helping journalists unless they
>  fulfill our strict ideological requirements.
>  Then her experience with free content comes to a sudden stop, and the
>  whole concept seems like a brief fad that is no longer relevant to her
>  carreer.  Do you think she will have the same positive attitude toward
>  Wikimedia and free content when she becomes an editor then?

CC-BY is not going anywhere. Lots of people release content under this
license and will continue to do so. Not to mention public domain

In fact, for contributors who *don't* want a "strong interpretation"
of sharealike to apply to their work, if CC-BY-SA is clarified to have
this intent, they may switch to make their work available under CC-BY.


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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