[Foundation-l] Allow new wikis in extinct languages?

Crazy Lover always_yours.forever at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 6 03:01:31 UTC 2008

I noticed that the present discussion started  as an answer to the rejection of the ancient greek wikipedia. and i haven't seen a hard defence like this project.
 i think is due to the ancient greek is always a special case. as the quote of Edward Sapir found   in the classical language article of wikipedia; the ancient greek is with latin, classical chinese, arabic and sanskrit is the foundation of all the culture of the whole world, 
and the modern world refers to them, all the time. 

I ask to the subcommitte:

 if the discussion provide good reason to the project of ancient language. it's possible a reconsideration of the rejection of ancient greek Wikipedia, and others projects of ancient language like classical japanese or ottomanic turkish that were proposed, too?.
J. case

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