[Foundation-l] VC - alternative resolution

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Sun Apr 6 00:27:06 UTC 2008

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Subject: Re: [Foundation-l] VC - alternative resolution
>... I believe there has been consensus for years
> that RfA is broken at en.WP, but no one has a
> solution... There is also an
> acknowledged problem on en.WP of how to balance
> anonymity with NPOV when people with suspected
> personal and financial interests in an article start
> editing it.

Actually, just to comment on this: I think there would be significant 
resistance within the en:Wikipedia to any external group - including VC - 
that tried to "fix" RfA.  That is properly a task that belongs to the 
project, and if the project has said "this is a significant issue, but not 
one that we care enough about to fix yet", then I think that's a valid 
argument (and I think it also happens to fairly document the current state 
of affairs on en:WP).  I think the same applies to the example of how to 
balance anonymity with NPOV.  I, for one, would have real issues with the VC 
dictating to those issues, unless I was totally confident that the members 
of the VC truly understood the community's feelings about them, and I don't 
really know what mechanism could be in place to express them to the VC.

I may have misunderstood what Brigitte was saying, but that's my initial 


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