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Tue Nov 27 09:44:25 UTC 2007

neutral to project-internal decision making. If a project wants an
authority-based method for deciding some things they could invent one

Since En.Wp's only obvious pre-existing authority for such things is
explicitly not intended to deal with this kind of issue, people on
enwiki seeking authority come here.

> Can we simply continue
> to ignore their dysfunction, or is there something to
> be done to help them become more self-suficiient?

Since these questions almost never get the authoritarian response they
seek I don't see them as evidence of a lack of self-sufficiency.  A
real lack of self-sufficiency would probably result in dozens of posts
per day. :)

Still, I agree with your "don't come here" message. ;) (and I'd extend
it to pestering office staff.. i.e. Mike).

Pointing things out which may have significant long term impacts is
useful. Coming to foundation-l for a ruling, not so much.

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