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Tue Nov 27 09:44:25 UTC 2007

of the ED is still up in the air from the point of view of the staff
and Board. The role of the ED (particularly when you are talking, as
Erik is, about defining areas of expertise and ownership of strategic
vision) is something that should be established *before* you hire an
ED and a deputy, because before you decide how do you know what you

I'm glad that Erik is invested enough in these changes to write pages
of comprehensive proposals, but I think it makes it difficult for a
thorough review. I'd suggest you isolate different areas and review
them separately first - i.e. a Wikicouncil and the role of the board,
the role of the staff vs. the Board in an open debate, the purview of
the ED etc. as individual items for consideration.

I'd also like to point out that the byplay is something I at least
miss, and it detracts (in my view) from a meaningful debate. I'm
speaking to the inside-speak between Danny, Florence and Erik in this
case - particularly where Florence alludes that constraints have been
imposed on her ability to express her opinion openly, which is hard to
imagine or justify as she is Chair of the Board.


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