[Foundation-l] GFDL and relicensing

Mike Godwin mnemonic at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 03:41:27 UTC 2007

Kwan Ting Chan writes:

>  There is either a legal need for WP to provide an opt-out if/when it
> relicense under a later (major revision) version of GFDL, or there
> isn't.

The Law of the Excluded Middle is less helpful in applying the Law of  
Copyright than you might imagine. The latter, like all human legal  
systems, is far more probabilistic and far less binary.

> True. But in practise, the foundation will based on the advice given  
> to
> it by its counsel, decide that there either is a need or isn't.

The Foundation's actions will be based on many things most likely, and  
only one of the factors will be my advice, or the advice of other  
counsel we consult.


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