[Foundation-l] GFDL and Relicensing

Delphine Ménard notafishz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 08:09:38 UTC 2007

On Nov 22, 2007 9:46 PM, Lars Aronsson <lars at aronsson.se> wrote:
> Tim 'avatar' Bartel wrote:
> > of cases where people (in Germany) notice an '...or later'
> > clause and sign a contract anyhow because they know, that this
> > clause is ineffective.
> German law applies *in Germany*, not *to Germans*.  As soon as
> they (or their works) move beyond borders, they are exposed to
> other legal systems.  (Go to China and kill someone -- you might
> be sentenced to death.)  So if the clause is ineffective under
> German law, you can feel "safe" only as long as you (and your
> work) stay in that country.

Agreed, and I don't think Tim thought otherwise. I know I didn't.

Of course, seeing as the Projects in the German language (or the
French) rank in the top 5 of visits and are massively accessed from
Germany (or France), we might want to consider *not* making Wikipedia
illegal in Germany (or France). Which, if I am not mistaken, may
happen if *one* person actually won a trial on those basis.

I will also take a wild guess and say that many countries in Europe
(and elsewhere) actually share the same kind of legal grounds.

But then hey, I couldn't be more biased :-)


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