[Foundation-l] Join the chapters committee?

effe iets anders effeietsanders at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 07:51:35 UTC 2007

> The only really public action I am aware of was that the chapter
> committees chair was blamed to be wikimedia foundations most expensive
> employee. But I can unfortunately not remember any more if it was 100.000US$ per year, including travel cost and 300 US$ child care per day for her
> boy friend, not including contributions from the various chapters?
> If that amount is approximately correct one could ask if this is really
> worth the money - even more as one does not notice, from outside, that they
> are doing any work. A pity they do not even bother to explain it a little
> bit.
> Joe.
> What? I *think* you are mixing up a few trollerish threads. Afaik Delphine
does not have a child yet? Do you suggest she hired a baby sitter to watch
over Arne? In that case, well, I really get my doubts about him...

Maybe you should read the work descriptions on the wmf website, and you will
see that delphine is being hired as "Chapter coordinator", and that her job
is *somewhat* larger then just being chair of this committee. So before you
start trolling, please get your sources straight.

BR, lodewijk

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