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Delphine Ménard notafishz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 17:15:16 UTC 2007

On Nov 20, 2007 5:01 PM, Brian McNeil <brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org> wrote:


> We don't need pleas for help would be my closing message, we need ideas like
> postering your local area saying "Invade Starbucks on 42nd street on
> December 3rd through 8th and discover how you can contribute to Wikipedia".
> If you and a couple of other wiki people can go along in shifts wearing your
> cafepress WMF attire you can also try and persuade the management to put up
> posters. Just don't drink too much coffee.

Leaving aside the intrinsic validity of the actuall EWW, I find your
intervention quite interesting to say the least.

What I understand from *your* plea is that unless the project is all
finished and ready to go, there is no point in asking the community on
this list about idas to further it and make it work. Interesting,

I have heard so much of the contrary "the community has not been
consulted" whenever anyone tries to launch something that I have to
say... as a person who works for the Foundation and operates in the
organisational realm, I am damned if I know what the "community"
really ever wants. When we do something on our own, we haven't asked
for input and when we ask for help, we  should really have thought
this through.

Mildly frustrating, I would say. :-)


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