[Foundation-l] Putting the Foundation back in WMF

Mark Bergsma mark at wikimedia.org
Sun Nov 18 22:28:40 UTC 2007

Anthony wrote:

> The budget wasn't met last time either, was it?  Looking back it seems
> like less than half the budget was raised during the entire fiscal
> year, and the foundation only spent about half of that ($1.4 million
> raised, only 0.7 million in expenses).

Only 0.7 million in expenses? Where is this stated?

As the person who made the technical budget, and did a detailed analysis
of costs of the past fiscal year, I can tell you that we spent quite a
bit more than that in the technical department alone... All directly
related to our still exponential growth.

> These supposed budgets look completely unrealistic to me.  I assumed
> that was intentional.  Ask for way more than you need, and then settle
> for half that.  It's a common strategy.

...and certainly not the case here.

Mark Bergsma <mark at wikimedia.org>
System & Network Administrator, Wikimedia Foundation

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