[Foundation-l] Fundraising totals as of Nov. 15, 2007 @ 12:20 PM (EST)

Brian McNeil brian.mcneil at wikinewsie.org
Fri Nov 16 14:32:16 UTC 2007

Is there some way we can work with Paypal and the Credit Card companies to
use this data to identify fraud and stolen numbers? If so, this would be
good press.

Brian McNeil.

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On 16/11/2007, geni <geniice at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 16/11/2007, Andrew Gray <shimgray at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Interesting. Would it be possible to generate one with the vertical
> > axis being %age of all donations, not an absolute number?
> >
> > In PR terms: it's important to distinguish between us getting money
> > given with stolen credit cards (really bad) and us being used to test
> > stolen credit cards and at best getting a few cents (annoying, but not
> > Massively Morally Wrong)
> >
> The amount isn't significant (a little over $20 at most).

The amount is zero - it all goes to paypal.

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