[Foundation-l] [Wiktionary-l] Wiktionary logo

Thomas Goldammer thogol at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 14 13:34:25 UTC 2007

2007/11/14, Husky <huskyr at gmail.com>:
> Of course, they can have a different name and in the case of the 'old'
> Wiktionary logo, also different text. But the general style of the
> logo should be the same for all language versions. This is not the
> case with the two Wiktionary logos, they are distinctively different.
> If you have a project that should be recognized all over the world, by
> anyone, without any confusion you shouldn't use two logos.
> Let's assume for example that the German Wikipedia would use a
> different logo than the English Wikipedia. That would be very
> confusing for everyone. A logo is the first thing people remember and
> notice about a website, and they use it to recognize it from other
> websites.

Hm, I don't think that this is confusing. People remember the logo and
think of the X-ish Wiktionary, and then they remember another logo and
think of the Y-ish Wiktionary. Where is the problem? ;o) There is a
general Wiktionary logo which is used to represent Wiktionary in toto.
But I think every language version of Wiktionary (the same for other
projects of course) should be free in chosing another logo just for
themselves which then represents just the Z-ish Wiktionary and no
other one.


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