[Foundation-l] [announcement] new staff member in businessdevelopment

Jimmy Wales jwales at wikia.com
Mon May 21 00:40:02 UTC 2007

On May 20, 2007, at 10:27 AM, Anthony wrote:
> Any idea how much the cost is to the WMF to add a datafeed client?  As
> I've said, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.  Give me a
> datafeed, at 2x cost, with no restrictions on reselling it.  I'll set
> up a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing the data, and
> I'll take out a $25,000 personal loan at prosper.com which I'll turn
> around and reloan to the non-profit at the same interest rate.  I'll
> then set up a server with a MySQL database containing the data and
> offer shell accounts on the server for $10/month.
> Deal?

Honest to god, and I am not a relgious man, I hope the Foundation  
takes you up on this bluff,


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