[Foundation-l] Clarification to existing resolutions

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Sun May 20 23:50:59 UTC 2007

Yonatan Horan wrote:

>"An EDP may not allow material where we can reasonably expect someone to
>upload a freely licensed file for the same purpose, such as is the case for
>almost all portraits of living notable individuals."
>On 5/19/07, Ray Saintonge <saintonge at telus.net> wrote:
>> I agree that an ED is needed, and that once that person is chosen it
>>would be easier to find common ground between him and the Board about
>>just what the policy means.  The also evident fact that things are a
>>little vague for now should not be an excuse for passing policies that
>>are even more vague.
Wow!  We really are talking about different things.  EDP = Exemption 
Doctrine Policy.  ED = Executive Director. :-)


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