[Foundation-l] Native American Tribes Policy

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>Sorry... I don't understand this thread.
>I live in Europe. This thread is concerning the foundation... I don't 
>understand Indians... tribes... I don't understand.
>Is this the correct ML?

He's raised a legitimate question. An problem could occur in rare circumstances. For example we could permit an article about a "Navajo" rug weaver who makes great rugs, but is simply not a Navajo. People could view her beautiful rugs and rely on our article and lay out thousands of dollars. Whether we would actually be liable is questionable, but both genuine Navajo weavers and purchasers of fake rugs would have a legitimate grievance. One assumes these things would get caught, but considering the case of Ward Churchill, perhaps not. Being in Europe would not change this, one rug is genuine, the other not and they have value which reflects their status,


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