[Foundation-l] Cross-Wiki accounts

\Mike mike_wikipedia at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 14 07:07:34 UTC 2007

...Which would motivate that all user names in
the history of a transwikied article really
should be given a suitable iw prefix, as in
[[w:en:User:Foo]] if transwikied from en:wp...


--- Thomas Dalton <thomas.dalton at gmail.com>

> On 13/05/07, Thomas Dalton
> <thomas.dalton at gmail.com> wrote:
> > > A tool that can be used to identify
> accounts that aren't yours can be found
> > > at:
> >
> > Very useful link, thanks! There are 23
> User:Tango's on Wikimedia's
> > servers. I think about 5 or 6 of them are me.
> I was contacted a couple
> > of days ago by an en.wikiquotes admin about
> an account someone had
> > created there with the same name as me - it
> wasn't me, so they blocked
> > it. I'd better go through and try my standard
> passwords against some
> > of those accounts and find out which are
> me...
> >
> It gets even more confusing... There is a Tango
> on en.wiktionary which
> appears to be me without me ever signing up to
> Wiktionary. It has 4
> edits, at least the most recent 3 of which
> appear to be edits I made
> to Wikipedia that got transwikied to
> Wiktionary. I didn't even know it
> was possible to copy the history across like
> that! Can someone with
> some experience of transwikiing explain how
> this works to me? Who's
> account is it? Is it mine, or is the 4th edit
> (from May 2004 when I
> was slightly active, but not very) for which I
> can't find a mention of
> it being transwikied from someone that created
> the account, made one
> edit and left, and then got given my edits by
> mistake when the other 3
> articles were transwikied? I am very confused,
> and slightly concerned
> that there may be some GDFL violations involved
> with transwikiing...
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