[Foundation-l] WikiPedia Foundation?

Casey Brown cbrown1023 at comcast.net
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Funny you say that actually... I recently turned in a paper to one of my
professors that cited Wikipedia as a source.  I had used the
Wikipedia-generated source and it contained the Wikimedia Foundation's name.
I get it back the next day and the professor has a large smile on her face.
"A new variation?" she asks.  I tried to hold in my chuckle. :-P


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I disagree with Erik about changing the Foundation' name, but I was just  
told something a tad moronic that makes me wonder how well the name
WikiMEDIA is  
Apparently, the phone message has been changed, and it now says WIKIPEDIA  
It's a sad day indeed when even the office staff doesn't know the name of  
the organization they work for.

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