[Foundation-l] Think different

David Gerard dgerard at gmail.com
Thu May 10 14:17:53 UTC 2007

On 10/05/07, Florence Devouard <Anthere9 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Actually, if we do not go for a common tag line, I think we should find
> a meme. If not a tagline, it might be a mascot (something mentionned in
> the history, look at logo discussion back in 2002).


(I hope you're not thinking of that ant or centipede thing.)

>Of a buzz word. Or a
> tune. Or an icon. Something simple... which will make everyone think of
> the wikimedia projects.

The puzzle globe! As parodied very effectively on Uncyclopedia:


(Used by Uncyclopedia as fair use under the "so stop being famous
then" clause. Being susceptible to parody is a mark of success.)

No-one actually cares about the Wikimedia logo, with the ridiculously
detailed logo usage guidelines. The world cares about the puzzle

- d.

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