[Foundation-l] Rethinking brands

Ray Saintonge saintonge at telus.net
Thu May 10 01:11:40 UTC 2007

Yann Forget wrote:

>Beside, we should not think in terms of commercial products for our
>projects. We have no deadline, no profits to make, no balance to adjust.
>Why do people come to our projects? Not because we have a big brand, not
>because they see an ad. They come because our content is free as a beer
>and free as a speech. Rather than a brand, that the message we need to
>spread out: Wikimedia is the greatest (and biggest) free project on the
When I reflect on "Ten things that must be freed" I think less about 
free as in beer, or free as in speech than about free as a verb.

I think there is room for all sorts of projects with overlapping goals, 
some of which may draw heavily on Wikipedia's content.  Isn't that what 
the viral nature of free knowledge is all about?  To me, drawing 
everything under a single Wikipedia umbrella seems too much like empire 


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