[Foundation-l] Rethinking brands

Claudio Mastroianni gattonero at gmail.com
Tue May 8 06:47:18 UTC 2007

I think it's a bit too late to rename project, _now_.
Even if they are not as spread as Wikipedia, Wikinews/books/source/ 
etc are at least recognizable: they have a growing identity.
Instead of resolving the problem of their less "importance amongst  
common people" compared to the Wikipedia's one, you just confirm the  
by saying "Wikibooks is now Wikipedia Books" you say: "Yes, you were  
right; Wikibooks was less important then Wikipedia, that's why we  
renamed it".

Another problem is:
if you abuse of the brand "Wikipedia", you just make it weaker.
As for now, Wikipedia is a strong brand: it makes people thinking at  
a _encyclopedia_. It's the encyclopedia bit that gives the identity.
But if you use the wikipedia brand for other uses, people will get  
confused. People will start to not understand which is the real  
identity of the wikipedia: encyclopedia? Books? etc etc etc

Summarizing: this brand-rethinking is not a solution.
Instead, it gives more problem to solve.

This solution will backfire.

Gatto Nero

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