[Foundation-l] 09-f9-...

Darko Bulatovic mail at itam.ws
Mon May 7 20:38:30 UTC 2007

Ed Sanders wrote:
>> Todd Allen wrote:
>> If you're correct there, then...wow, things are worse than I imagined.
>> What if you did have a collection of 2000 credit card numbers, and
>> never made an unlawful purchase on a single one? Who's been harmed?
>> Likelihood of replication doesn't change the basic premise. That's
>> getting into the realm of outlawing information and concepts rather
>> than actions and deeds, and that's not a very good road to start
>> walking down.
> Well if you didn't have a good reason to be hoarding credit card numbers 
> you could be convicted of conspiracy to commit credit card fraud. In the 
> same way the only reason to distribute a number generated from porn 
> would be to distribute the porn, and the only reason the distribute that 
> exact DVD key is to circumvent a protection system (which is illegal in 
> the US, I believe). This is about outlawing the distribution of certain 
> information, which is very much a real crime in some circumstances.

how do I use this number ?

Sorry but I don't really get it. How this number crack protection 
system. Because i am looking at this number and my DVD is not still 

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