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Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sun May 6 14:12:18 UTC 2007

I just put an email to the board to follow up on the wikicommons 


Yoni Weiden wrote:
> Is there any possibility that the foundation represents it's insight on the
> PD-Israel issue? I want to be 100% sure that there are images that are PD in
> Israel but not PD in the US before I delete such images from the Hebrew
> Wikipedia.
> yoni
> 2007/5/1, Luiz Augusto <lugusto at gmail.com>:
>> On 5/1/07, Yann Forget <yann at forget-me.net> wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Luiz Augusto a écrit :
>>>> On 4/28/07, Ryan Dabler <zhaladshar at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> On 4/27/07, Luiz Augusto <lugusto at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>> I'm on a similar problem at the Portuguese Wikisource due to the
>>>>>> [[:m:American non-acceptance of the rule of the shorter term]] (see
>> on
>>>>>> [1];
>>>>>> but the problem is on PD-old-70 and posthumous works).
>>>>>> I've proposed in a private e-mail to Anthere (not yet replied, I
>> think
>>>>>> that
>>>>>> she is busy in others subjects) to create a set of wikis <lang>.non-
>>>>>> us.wikisource.org hosted outside of the United States
>> ({{derivative}}
>>>>> from
>>>>>> the Debian non-us software repository [2]) to host works PD-old
>>>>> worldwide
>>>>>> but copyrighted in the USA.
>>>>> Why not just upload the texts to http://wikilivres.info ?  The
>> servers
>>> for
>>>>> the site are located in Canada, and it was created by
>>> [[s:fr:User:Yann]].
>>>>> It seems like we would just be recreating the wheel here with this
>>>>> proposal
>>>>> when a good alternative already exists.
>>>> Yann has a really good initiative setting up the wikilivres.info some
>>>> mounths ago. But unfortunatelly this have limitations. Wikilivres
>>> currently
>>>> is so much like the Wikisource at the beginning: a ambitious
>>> multilingual
>>>> project in a single wiki site. I know the Wikisource project since
>> 2004
>>>> (when I have created my first user account on wikisource.org/wiki:
>>> Lugusto,
>>>> User ID 568). But I'm a active editor on Wikisource only since April
>>> 2006.
>>>> This isn't a coincidence. Is so much confuse to work in a project like
>>>> Wikisource on a multilingual wiki. The user interface is one, you try
>> to
>>>> search from a writer and you get a page in spanish, you try to read a
>>> text
>>>> and get a page on italian...
>>> At the beginning, I only thought about hosting documents in French. Then
>>> I found that there are documents in English which might be usefully
>>> hosted there. So now the objective it is to change Wikilivres to a fully
>>> multilingual wiki. Just now, I have doubt about the usefulness to have
>>> several subdomains seeing the number of users and documents, but I am
>>> open to changes. Anyway you are much welcome to start a Portuguese
>>> section there. And please come to discuss on #wikilivres on Freenode or
>>> put suggestions on the wiki itself, as this is a bit offtopic here. ;o)
>> I aren't telling to you change wikilivres.info. It is a functional wiki
>> for
>> theirs purposes. I've only replied to a question ;)
>>> Anyway, is impossible to link to a page at the wikilivres.info from
>>>> Wikipedia, Wikibooks (or from Wikisource itself) without using a
>>> external
>>>> link. This isn't userfriendly.
>>> A solution was proposed for that.
>> Thanks for all that have mentioned the interwiki map. This is new to me
>> and
>> I've made a request for addition.
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