[Foundation-l] Daniel Brandt Issues

Jeffrey V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Sun May 6 05:03:17 UTC 2007

I had a discussion over the phone with Mr. Brandt this evening, and he 
has taken down his "outing" listing of Wikipedia editors and given me
his assurances it will remain down permanently out of respect to the 
privacy rights of Wikipedia editors.  He has also removed all of
the chat room materials as well, and given me his word it will not be 
posted again.  I have also has discussions
with SqueakBox on the English Wikipedia and I am going to attempt to 
write a neutral article on Daniel, and the other editors seem to
be in agreement.

Daniel has also conceded the fact that he will have to get used to an 
article about him being on Wikipedia.  He is a very nice and polite
and very intelligent man and is very different in person than his 
on-line persona seems to reflect.  He has also given permission for 
Wikipedia to use any of
the images on his site in support of a neutral article about him. 

It appears this long running conflict is coming to an end.  Daniel also 
understands that until he formaly withdraws his legal threats from
the Foundation, he will remain banned.   If and when he withdraws them, 
I would recommend a 1 year ban and allowing him to
come back to the site provided he stays away from his bio (same terms I 
am under). 

With that, the conflict appears to be coming to a conclusion.  I ask 
everyone to help defuse the situation with Daniel and assist in getting
a throughly sourced and neutral article completed.    He will continue 
to run the Wikipedia Watch website and post general criticisms of
Wikipedia, which is his right, but he stated he would honor his promises 
to us to observe and respect privacy laws and policies on Wikipedia
if we respect his.  He has several other requests about his article 
which I need to discuss with the other editors.  I also think he needs to
apologize to Mr. Wales for his disruptive conduct at some point, but for 
now, I think cooling off the situation is prudent.  Daniel
has some great ideas and suggestions about improving Wikipedia, and if 
folks can get past the personal issues, and really listen to what he has
to say, I think he could be a very positive force for improving the project.


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