[Foundation-l] Election Notice

Timichal timichal at timichal.net
Sat May 5 19:05:50 UTC 2007

Jon Harald Søby wrote:
> As I understand it, this committee will not be in charge of handling
> the elections themselves, but rather be about _how_ the elections
> should be conducted.
I realized this minutes after sending my original mail and was actually 
trying to write a clarifying follow-up before I saw your reply. :)
> In other words, I don't see any reason why committee membership should
> be limited to those over 18, if there is a good candidate that doesn't
> meet that criteria. ;-)
Nevertheless, I'd like to know for sure whether there are any obstacles 
for the minors soon enough, so we can avoid getting last-minute bad news 
about this (cough cough, steward elections 2006 :-) )

Michal Zlatkovsky

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