[Foundation-l] WMF resolution on access to non-public data passed

Thomas Dalton thomas.dalton at gmail.com
Tue May 1 11:05:46 UTC 2007

> I will now be resigning as OTRS admin and relinquishing oversight.
> That's mostly symbolic as I've not been active for some time, and
> several people (including Kat) know my full details anyway.  My first
> and middle names (Lisa Carter) are fully public as part of my work at
> Wikia, but I choose to keep my last name private.  I believe everyone
> in these positions should have that option.

You would only be giving the information to the foundation - I don't
think they'll give it to anyone else (short of a subpoena, I guess).
What benign reasons can you really have for not wanting the WMF to
know who you are? Seems like slightly excessive paranoia, to me.

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