[Foundation-l] WMF resolution on access to non-public data passed

Mohamed Magdy mohamed.m.k at gmail.com
Wed May 2 09:24:43 UTC 2007

Walter Vermeir wrote:
> shi zhao schreef:
>> How to prove their identity?
> Is it not so that in some country's, like the USA, that is impossible?
> No identity cards, no national database of birth registration, change of
> address, change of sex, marital status, dead. I believe wives even
> change there name there when the marry. I do not see how you could
> possibly be sure about the identity of anybody in a country like that.
can i?
lol :)

Seriously though, I think Shi was talking about how to make sure that 
whatever information the user is sending are the truth..and that s/he 
isn't forging it somehow...


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