[Foundation-l] Proposal for a procedure for the closure ofprojects

Johannes Rohr jorohr at gmail.com
Tue May 1 03:01:37 UTC 2007

"Johan Bos" <skatinghacker at hotmail.com>

> That's a good reason for not moving anything to the incubator.
> I think there are two options left:
> -Just lock the database (maybe with some instructions for a possible Kanuri 
> speaking passer-by)
> -Delete the database
> I would prefer the first option, because the language exists.

If the database is locked, the main page should contain instructions for
potential contributors, telling them where to turn in case they would
like to work on this wikipedia edition. This poses the question: What
should they do? Whom should they contact? ATM I don't see a standard
procedure for such cases.

On a side issue, keeping dormant projects without any viable content
introduces a situation where you have two classes of languages: One
for which projects do exist because they were summarly created
together with hundreds of others at some point in the past and a
second one where proponents have to go through the long, painful and
often discouraging process introduced by the new policy. (when, heck,
will kab.wikipedia.org finally go online?) 




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