[Foundation-l] WMF resolution on access to non-public datapassed

George Herbert george.herbert at gmail.com
Tue May 1 02:14:40 UTC 2007

On 4/30/07, Casey Brown <cbrown1023 at comcast.net> wrote:
> I don't think so.  We do not have access to non-public data.  There are
> messages posted everywhere that this is just a mailing list and that they
> should not share any private information.
> Casey Brown
> Cbrown1023
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> On 4/30/07, Kat Walsh <kat at mindspillage.org> wrote:
> > The Wikimedia Foundation has passed a resolution requiring all users
> > with access to non-public data covered by the site's Privacy Policy to
> > provide identification to the Foundation. This includes checkusers,
> > oversights, stewards, and volunteers on OTRS. In addition, all users
> > holding these positions must be 18 or older, and also of the age of
> > majority in whichever jurisdiction they live in.
> >
> > To read the details of the resolution, please see:
> > http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Resolution:Access_to_nonpublic_data
> >
> > A number of parties have trusted us with private, sensitive, or
> > confidential information. Some of the handling of this information is
> > delegated, by necessity, to certain trusted volunteers. In
> > consideration of those who depend on us to behave responsibly, and the
> > reasonable and commonly-accepted practices for handling private
> > information, we wish to be able to say who is responsible for handling
> > this information to ensure that volunteers can be held accountable for
> > their own actions.
> >
> > Those affected by this resolution should contact Cary Bass, WMF
> > volunteer coordinator, at cbass at wikimedia.org. We will also attempt to
> > contact everyone individually who will need to do this; however,
> > please spread this message to those in your communities.
> >
> > For the Wikimedia Foundation,
> > Kat Walsh
> Clarification query: Does this apply to the unblock-en-l volunteer
> staff as well?
> Thank you.
> --
> -george william herbert
> george.herbert at gmail.com

The concern I have, and the reason that I want the foundation to
clarify, is that we do get people's real identity info in many cases,
some of them send us real name, "real" email addresses, in some cases
even home addresses, phone numbers, etc. in the process of identifying
to work on an unblock.

The Checkuser info in comparison only amounts to IP address backtracking.

We don't require real ID for most cases, but it has come by in many
many incidents.  In some cases it's sent without us even asking for
it, and in other cases (of alledged sockpuppetry) it's been negotiated
as a way to prove that you're someone else.

Our concern over this info was why we shut the unblock-en-l list down
from open to closed a month or two ago, after all.

-george william herbert
george.herbert at gmail.com

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