[Foundation-l] Domains

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 19:31:54 UTC 2007

Robert Horning wrote:
> Florence Devouard wrote:
>> Platonides wrote:
>>> BTW: Who will take care of the domains now Brad resigns?
>> Reality check guys.
> <*snip*>
>> anthere
> Considering that the announcement of Brad's resignation just occured, it 
> shouldn't be surprising that this is one issue that has just come up.  
> And while I am not questioning Brad's integrity here, I am pointing out 
> that a less than honorable person could take advantage of the situation 
> and move the domains to some other server farm and do all sorts of other 
> damage.  This is precisely why the "administrative contact" person 
> should be somebody with absolutely stellar integrity and has the full 
> faith and trust of not only the board but the entire community, and why 
> I believe this to be a very valid question.

Whilst I have no worry at all about Brad integrity on this, my concern 
was rather that for privacy reasons, I felt not confortable with us 
having to read Brad mails to be able to follow up, in particular 
automated systems such as registrations of domain names or trademarks.
It feels best to sometimes use generic email addresses, so that any 
employee can follow up, and the address can be easily redirected to 
another employee in case of cease of activity, holidays, illness, or 

This is also the interest of using a press at wikimedia.org rather than 
sandy email. Better scaling and no pit when the person is not available.


> While in the long run any such usurption of the WMF domains would 
> eventually come back under the control of the WMF, it would be a very 
> miserable several months if somebody were to mess things up in this 
> way.  Considering the way vandals try to mess up our projects, this 
> would be the ultimate vandalism ploy if this domain registration was 
> messed up.  It could be far more damaging than a rogue admin or even 
> steward.
> I have no doubt that at the moment the WMF has this issue under control, 
> and that certainly any formalities that would also involve Brad would be 
> done as a matter of courtesy as well.
> -- Robert Horning.

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