[Foundation-l] Domains

Florence Devouard Anthere9 at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 24 16:44:15 UTC 2007

Platonides wrote:
> BTW: Who will take care of the domains now Brad resigns?

Reality check guys.

Domain names management are not under the responsability of the General 
Counsel, but under the responsability of the ED.
So, your question is good, but outdated. Brad stopped being the ED in 
january. We are in march. The question should have been asked in 
february :-)

Practically speaking, check out this resolution


This resolution was made in november. I am actually not sure what its 
current members exactly are, though I can cite Mark Bergsma and Delphine 
Menard with certainty.

Unless I am wrong, the person taking care of this on the technical side 
is Mark. The person in charge of paying the bills is Carolyn, our COO. I 
agree the legal challenges were in Brad's expertise (he recently got 
involved in the wikipedia.it issue). Finally, in terms of godaddy 
contact, what matters is not the name of the person, but that the 
contact is possible. As such, you can check and the email address 
provided is not Brad's address, but a generic address 
dns-admin at wikimedia.org.

In short, I can not promise everything is already taken care of, but 
domain names is taken care of.


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