[Foundation-l] Wikigadugi GFDL Compliance

Jeff V. Merkey jmerkey at wolfmountaingroup.com
Sat Mar 10 00:21:25 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I am going to take Anthere's suggestion to go on a wikibreak for a 
while.   Don't read anything into this, it is very much my decision and 
this is something I have been considering for a while in any event since 
I have a lot of work on Cherokee translation and Cherokee enabled 
Language support I am involved in which needs my complete focus.  I have 
deliverables for the Cherokee Nation due this month and I spend too much 
time on Wikipedia.

I will still be involved in WikiGadugi and MediaWiki development.  I 
have made an obscene amount of money this year and have been putting in 
18 hour days and I do need to spend some time with my family for a much 
needed vacation and rest, and to focus on deliverables for the Cherokee 
and Creek Nations which are due this month, and the month after.     (I 
am a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation in answer to previous 
questions).  I do not know for certain if the Nation is going to host 
WikiGadugi after the technology is handed off to our language folks, but 
it is a possiblity. 

I have completed GFDL enablement of the WikiGadugi site and placed the 
license and links as requested.    I would appreciate if someone would 
review and update the mirrors and fork pages on Wikipedia to reflect 
that the site is 100% compliant with the GFDL.    

donada gohvi
unelanvhi udadolisdi


waya getlvhvsdi

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